Life? or Theatre?

Where is the moral integrity in children acting like they are not poor? There comes a time when transcending that fourth wall may seem like a longed-for redemption. But it only presents a difficult choice about the kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to live. Read Story


“Would you die for your art?” is a question we’ve heard before. But how far would you go to hold on to it? Would you die? Would you marry a big fat man? Read Story

The Gastronomical We

Two people in a shared apartment who both eat dinner on TV trays. Shouldn’t Patience Purcell and Stanley Livingston be romantically together despite her tyrant father and tyrant cooking empire boss and his aversion to alcohol and older women? Read Story

Casa Solar

Melody Huber was always very particular about whom she let inside over the course of sixty-plus years. She left a large amount of stock to her nephews Frank and Carl; to their sister, Maudie, she left the pristine house standing on valueless land in the bad part of a dying city. Bill and Maudie Fogarty had got burned many times in their life together and here again it was one last time. “What the devil are we doing here, Maudie?” Read Story